Denver's RailRoads — Layout Progress

Phase 1 Action

2021 — 2023

1. Completed: The 11 tracks of DUT station and the 5 tracks of the joint line return loop were laid before moving to my current location. So far in 2021 I have laid the 2 additional tracks on the joint line return loop and all of the remaining trackage for modules 1 & 1a. 

2. Completed: Once the wiring and testing of these 2 modules is complete I will lay a temporary return loop on modules 5 and 6a. That will provide for continuous running once the track is laid and tested, including the two Kato Scissors crossings.

3. January/February/March: Wire up the local control panel using NCE's Mini Panel and install signals on modules 1 & 1a. Trains can now be broken in, decoders installed, locos speed matched and general testing.  The layout can be operated as a 'Switching Layout.'

4. April/May/June: Build the kits and create the scenery for modules 1 & 1a. This will include the D&RGW Burnham loco facility, the Arapahoe Power Plant, the PSC gas Plant and the Denver Market & Produce Terminal (Wazee Market).

5. July/August/September: Lay the track for Rice Yard, the C&S Intermodal Yard, the passenger storage tracks and the CB&Q & UP loco facilities on modules 2–5.

6. Oct/Nov/Dec: Wire and test the tracks and turnouts for modules 2–5. Build one or maybe two control panels and set up route control using an NCE Mini panel.

7. January/February/March (2023): Build and install Denver Union Terminal (DUT), the platforms, all of the trackside industries and the Denver commercial buildings along Wynkoop Street, in front of the station.

Completion Target: March 2023

Phase 2 Action

2023 — 2024

8. April/May/June: Lay the UP and D&RGW main lines from North Yard to the Grand Junction return loop.

9: Build the 7 track return loop at Grand Junction.

10: Build the D&RGW main line to Glenwood Springs and the Branch line to Craig.

11: Realistic passenger operations can now become and limited freight operations using the C&S Rice Yard for all roads.

Completion Target: December 2024

Phase 3 Action

2025 — 2026

12: Lay D&RGW North Yard and Industries and the East Denver Belt Line; CB&Q 38th St. Yard & UP 36th St Yard; Coors Brewery Branch
and the Glenwood Springs Industrial District.

Completion Target: December 2026

Denver's Railroads - Eras: 1947 to 1967


This is a map of all of the class 1 railroads that entered Denver's rail yards during the 1950s and 1960s. The map also shows the major towns that connect with each railroad. Ultimately the model layout will comprise the D&RGW line from Denver to Glenwood Springs, and the D&RGW branch line to Craig. All of the other connections shown on this map will be represented by two return loops comprising of 7 staging tracks for the West, North and North-east connections and 7 staging tracks for the South and South-east connections. The time frame is flexible and I have the rolling stock to base the era on:

  • 1934 (end of Prohibition) to 1947 - ice reefers, passenger trains and 2-6-0 steam locos.
  • 1947 to 1957 - passenger & freight trains pulled by steam locos (Challangers, Mountains, Pacifics and the Big Boy).
  • 1957 to 1967 - freight trains prior to Burlington Northern and passenger trains prior to Amtrak. Up to GP40/SD45 Locos.

Denver's Railroads is being built in 3 phases:

Phase One, Modules 1–6:

Joint Line Loop and Denver Union Terminal; CB&Q, D&RGW & UP Coach Yards; UP Pulman Shops & CB&Q 23rd St Shops; C&S Rice Yard; UP Wynkoop Street Branch and D&RGW Burnham Shops

Phase Two, Modules 6–10:

The UP, C&S & CB&Q main lines from the Loop representing all cities North, East and West of Denver to Denver Union Termainal; D&RGW Main Line via the Big 10 Curve and the Moffat Tunnel to Glenwood Springs and the Craig Branch.

Phase Three, Modules 10–12:

 D&RGW North Yard & Industries and the East Denver Belt Line;  CB&Q 38th St. Yard & UP 36th St Yard; Coors Brewery Branch and th Glenwood Springs Industrial District.