Zephyrs Thru The Rockies

Harold Edmonson & David Goodheart; Goodheart Publications; 1986; Colour

On April 24, 1983, the Vista Dome Rio Grande Zephyr rolled through the darkness of a western night to come to final halt at Denver Union Station. After more than 150 years, the era of the private railroad operated intercity passenger train was over. Loaded with great full color photography. 128pp.

 This book is primarily about the Rio Grande Zephyr, but has useful inserts on the earlier D&RGW named trains including California Zephyr; The Mountaineer; Royal Gorge; The Prospector; Yampa Valley and Rio Grande Zephyr. This book also includes Amtrak trains.

Denver Photo Highlights:

p32: 1968 Colour photo of DUT platforms 1 (Denver Zephyr), 2 (California Zephyr) & 3 looking south

p41: 1967 Colour photo of DUT platforms 1 (The Prospector) & 2 looking south.

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