Rio Grande in Color

– Volume 1 : Colorado


Ross Grenard; Morning Sun Books; 1992; Colour

Volume 1 in this pictorial history of the post-steam, mainline Rio Grande focuses on operations in Colorado, from Denver through the Rockies to Grand Junction. The photos capture not only the amazing scenery and trackside structures but also pause to look at the different classes of locomotives that made it possible for the line to haul unit coal trains, intermodal trains, and passengers over some of the toughest track in the country. The photos are beautifully crisp and full of detail. With roster, maps. 128 pages.

A solid summary of the Rio Grande's presence in Colorado, railway town by railway town. Covers the period from the mid 1950's to the take over of Southern Pacific in 1992.

Denver Photo Highlights:

p8: 1962 Colour photo of DUT platform 11 (installed in 1920 for the D&IRR) looking south and the Yampa Valley Mail.

p8: 1964 Colour photo of DUT platforms 1 (The Prospector) & 2 looking south.

p9: 1964 Colour photo of DUT platforms 3 (The Prospector) & 4 looking south.

p11: 1961 Colour photo of DUT platforms 1 (CZ) looking south from track 15, the North Express Spur.

p11: 1966 Colour photo of DUT platform 1 and D&RGW's Fairbanks-Morse H10-44 switcher on the lead to tracks 15 & 16, the Express Spurs. Note the tower by track 12.

p29: 1979 Colour photo overview of Denver's North Yard before the building of the BN intermodal facility alongside. Photo includes the arrival & departure tracks, the RG Motorway intermodal terminal and Cargill's grain elevator.

p52: 1955 Colour photo of Rock Island's "The Rocket Mountain Rocket," in the original paint scheme, at Colorado Springs.

p96: 1948 Colour photo of The Prospector, trains 7 & 8, pulled by FT AB set #551 in its original black & gold tiger stripes.

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