Denver's RailRoads — Phase IV

Phase Five Progress

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2018 Goals

  1. To start building the "L Girder"  benchwork for the phase 5 add-on by the middle of the year.
  2. To complete the cookie-cutter benchwork and the track road base by the end of the year.
  3. To build the mountain above Gore Canyon to vegetation stage.

2019 Goals

  1. To start track laying.
  2. To wire the trackage.

2020 Goals

  1. To build the mountain scenery.
  2. To complete the whole layout to full opeartional stage.

Phase 4 . . .

Era: 1947 to 1969

The following are the parts to this  final phase:

  1. Extending the D&RGW main line from Denver and the West Portal of the Moffat Tunnel to Winter Park, Grandby, Kremmling, Bond and Glenwood Springs.
  2. Laying an extensive D&RGW branch line to Craig, CO.
  3. The building of the Continental Divide over the Rocky Mountains, including Byers Canyon and the Colorado River running through Gore Canyon.

Phase Four Track Plan

Main Line from Denver to Glenwood Springs via Winter Park, Granby, Kremmling and Bond

Craig Branch

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