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Phase II . . . Only 6 tracks left to lay

N Scale Model Railroading and the prototype Railroads that called Denver home

Phase II . . . Only 6 tracks left to lay

Finished installing the last of the turnouts in D&RGWs North Yard last night. Only have the 4 service tracks and 2 industry tracks left to lay.

Then it is onto wiring, wiring and a lot more wiring. Model RailRoading is fun! Still I am looking forward to constructing the control panels. Best part (together with scenery) of the hobby for me.

New areas to explore include controlling main line turnouts via DCC and installing signals. I found a really nice 3 light Chinese made N Scale signal (3 pack) at Amazon for only $11AUD each. Normally N Scale signals cost around $30 each so I have 27 more in transit to me. Plus I have 20 Drawf N Scale Signals (in packs of 10) coming for installation at DUT as part of Phase III.

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