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Phase II . . . almost there

N Scale Model Railroading and the prototype Railroads that called Denver home

Phase II . . . almost there

This photo was taken 4 days ago. Since then I have laid a further 3 turnouts to the Holcim Cement and Hadley Auto Transport industry tracks in D&RGWs North Yard. These tracks will also act as Rio Grande Motorway tracks as required. That leaves 3 more turnouts for the D&RGW/Rock Island locomotive servicing tracks and the Pikestuff Small Enginehouse.

Then I can connect the remainder of the Kato extender tracks across the module 6 & 7 divide, patch up a couple of broken tracks and start making connections to the control panels, starting back at Black Hawk. Once all of the feeders are connected to the BUS it should be possible to run a train around the loop.

I have updated the main web site to reflect the 4 phases, instead of 5, of the layout construction mentioned in the last post.

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