Denver's RailRoads — Phase Three

 Denver Union Terminal and surrounding rail yards and industries

Phase Three Progress

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2017 Progress

  1. Installation of the BUS wiring and NCE circuit breakers for Power Districts 5 to 12 (Modules 1 to 8).
  2. Tracklaying of the 5 tracks making up the Joint Line return loop.
  3. Completion of the 5 track Joint Line loop, including the installation of 8 SEEP point motors.
  4. DCC feeder wiring to the track BUS of the Joint Line return loop.

2018 Goals

  1. Installation of the two main lines (UP/CB&Q & D&RGW) from the 5 track Joint Line loop to Glenwood Springs and the 7 track return loop.
  2. Tracklaying of the 12 passenger tracks for Denver Union Station.

Phase 3 . . .

Era: Passenger traffic - 1947 to 1963

The following are the parts to this phase:

  1. The laying of the main line from the five track Joint Line return loop (holding a total of 156 40' boxcars) in the South to the D&RGW Denver North Yard.
  2. A 3m x 1m (18'x3') model of all of the Denver Union Station and Terminal including all 12 passenger tracks.
  3. UP's Wynkoop St Branch.
  4. C&S Rice Yard and the CB&Q 38th St. Yard.
  5. UP's Pullman shops and the CB&Q 23rd St Shops.
  6. D&RGW's Burnham Shops.

Phase Three Track Plan

Left Side: 5 Track Joint Line Loop and Burnham Shops

C&S Rice Yard and the CB&Q 38th St. Yard

Right Side: UP & CB&Q Passenger Coach Yards

Denver Union Station and Union Pacific's Wynkoop St industrial branch