Denver's RailRoads — Phase Two

 The Main Line from the 7 track Grand Junction Return Loop to Utah Junction & the East Denver Belt Line

Phase Two Progress

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Phase Two Progress to December 2016

The benchwork for Phase II consists of eight individual modules, each  approximately 6' (1830mm) long. They have been designed to be disconnected from the main layout and if necessary moved as individual modules to a new location.

This benchwork is complete and has been painted a mud Brown colour. The modules lay on top of an independent "L Girder" framework, with adjustable legs.

Each module will be protected by its own NCE circuit breaker and will be numbered as Power Districts 4 to 11. Power Districts 1 to 3 are fixed modules comprising of the Return Loops (PD1), Main Line (PD2), Golden Branch (PD2a), Golden Loop (PD2b), Clear Creek Branch (PD2c) and the Glenwood Springs and Duckunder connection (PD3).

2017 Action

  1. Installation of the BUS wiring and NCE circuit breakers for Power Districts 5 to 12 (Modules 1 to 8).
  2. Installation of the two main lines (UP/CB&Q & D&RGW) from the Denver yard Wye to Glenwood Springs and the 7 track return loop.

2018 Goals

  1. Completion of the yard trackage.
  2. DCC feeder wiring to the track BUS.
  3. Installation of the turnout motors.

Phase 2 . . .

Era: Freight  traffic - 1951 to 1969 (prior to the creation of Burlington Northern Railroad)

The following are the parts to this phase:

  1. The laying the main line from the seven track return loop (representing Grand Junction to San Francisco in the West on the D&RGW and the out of state Northern and Eastern destinations of the other railroads) to Utah Junction.
  2. East Denver Belt Line branch and industries.

Phase Two Track Plan

Left Side – Phase II trackage from the Return Loop to Glenwood Springs.

East Denver Belt Line (left side)

East Denver Belt Line (right side)